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Welcome to West End Halifax

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Explore Halifax's West End with the Berrigan Devoe Group

It doesn't matter where one decides to draw its boundaries because Halifax's West End is, and will always be, full of heart and soul. This tight-knit community, known for it's charming, tree-lined streets, hidden shops & restaurants and lush community parks, is one of several 'ends' that you'll find on the Halifax peninsula.

Because of its location, Halifax's West End is quite literally minutes to everywhere - downtown Halifax, the North and South Ends, Quinpool Road and the Armdale Area. It's home to a diverse mix of urban and suburban dwellers and is the perfect area for couples (young and old) and growing families.

Minutes to everywhere also means minutes to everything. The list of things to see and do, places to shop and dine, and spots to visit and relax is lengthy so we've curated a list of some of the West End's top spots.

1. Quinpool District is a busting area that is home to more than 120 independent and national chain businesses just waiting to be explored. Quinpool Road, and the Quinpool District begins on the western edge of the Halifax Commons and continues to Connaught.

2. The Northwest Arm has long been used for transportation, recreation and fishing - much of which continues today. It's accessible for all to enjoy and is truly is one of the "jewels" of Nova Scotia.

Sir Sandford Fleming Park (The Dingle) overlooks the Northwest Arm

3. Halifax Shopping Centre is the self-proclaimed "fashion capital of Atlantic Canada". Just 10 minutes from downtown Halifax, Halifax Shopping Centre features over 160 retailers and services. Check them out at

4. What could be so notable about the Fairview Lawn Cemetery that we'd add it to such a list? Well, if you're familiar with the sinking of the Titanic, you'll be intrigued to know that this cemetery is the final resting place for many of its victims. What's most interesting is that one of the victim's grave marker is engraved with the name 'J Dawson' - often confused with the Titanic movie's character, Jack Dawson (the marker actually belongs to a Joseph Dawson).

5. The brand new St. Andrew's Community Centre is located at 3380 Barnstead Lane, just on the edge of Halifax's West End. Led by a team of friendly and helpful staff, this modern, family-friendly recreation centre includes a community kitchen, a multipurpose room, gymnasium and more.

6. Flinn Park is situated between Chebucto and Jubilee Road and features a playground, a baseball diamond and walking paths. This is a great central location to get out for some fresh air, walk the dog or go for a run.

7. Famous or infamous? It depends on who you ask. The Armdale Roundabout is considered a great tool that keeps steady traffic flow, but is equally considered the bane of existence among first time or timid drivers. Since the intersection receives vehicles from five different directions, it continues to cause confusion among drivers who

8. Centrally located in the West End, the property now known as the Westmount subdivision was handed over to the City of Halifax by the Canadian Army after the Second World War. What's really special about the Westmount community is that it honours the legacy of 10 servicemen after whom a number of streets are named.

9. If you're zipping west along Chebucto Road in Halifax, you're likely to catch a glimpse of a monument installed in the middle of Saunders Park. This metal, geometric structure is designed to look like an airplane taking off from a runway - and rightfully so. It's located at the former Chebucto Field Airport and is named after the airport's manager, Don Saunders.

Historic, family-friendly, great shopping and schools, and only minutes to downtown, Halifax's West End continues to stand out as THE place to buy a home. If you have questions about buying or selling a home in Halifax's West End, or you simply have questions about the real estate market in Halifax, please contact us today.

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